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We have been following REBOL development since we first discovered it back in 1999.

The idea that making your computer do what you want it to do the way you want it to do it just makes sense. Some call this process "programming" your computer. And this term is terrifying to many users.

REBOL can change all of that. So that is why we are promoting REBOL to the Amiga (TM) community through this website and AmiREBOL distribution CD's. AmiREBOL 1.2 (SM) was first released at the AmiWest 2011 show in Sacramento, CA, October 21-23, 2011. Other distros have been developed yearly since then. Our most recent distro was released at AmiWest 2019 and the newest distro for 2020 will be released at AmiWest in October (see amiwest.net for more info). More information about AmiWest can be found at amiwest.net/amiwest2020blog.

Infocessories is the creation of Brian Deneen, Amiga user, Sacramento Amiga Computer Club president, and organizer of the AmiWest computer show. Brian has been an Amigan for 35 years and it completely convinced that Amiga (TM) is the way to go.

Amiga (TM) , combined with REBOL (created by Amiga's inventor, Carl Sassenrath), is the ideal combination to unlock the power of the Amiga (TM) and make "programming" your computer less fearful and more fun.

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