Infocessories is pleased to present AmiREBOL 1.2, 2021 Distro!

This distribution disk contains the REBOL Core and REBOL View facilities for the Amiga - and 26 other platforms as well!

Also included is the complete REBOL View 1.2 script library, just as it was downloaded the same day that REBOL View changed to version 1.3. Thus, the 1.2 library is complete.

This distribution also includes tutorials and documentation that are not part of the original material. This is the information that we are currently using to create our next distribution CD's.

This distribution has been tested under Amiga (TM) OS3.x and OS4.x, and has been run on AmigaOne NG machines SAM 440ep, X1000 (TM) and X5000.

We appreciate your confidence in ordering our distribution CD. Watch for the new 2021 distro at AmiWest in October 2021!

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