WELCOME TO INFOCESSORIES, featuring REBOL for Amiga (TM) computers. Our goal is to make your Amiga (TM) do what you want it to do and REBOL, the creation of Carl Sassenrath of Amiga (TM) fame, helps us to do that.

The version of REBOL that we are using is REBOL 1.2, the last version that ran on the Amiga (TM). Work is in progress to bring us up to REBOL R3. Until then, we have a set of very useful tools to use to customize your Amiga(TM)!

Please see our "Products/Services" link for more information on what we are offering and work in progress. The "Links" page provides more information on REBOL in general including both content and tutorial sites.

Of course, use our "Contact us" page to give us a shout about what we are doing.

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