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1. REBOL 1.2 is the last version to run on Amiga computers.

 It  also  runs  on  26 other platforms, including Windows, Mac OS9, Linux,  BEOS,  etc.   What  this  means  is  that  an  environment assembled on one  platform can run in similar fashion on whatever else you are using.

1.1. Please join us in our corner of the REBOLution at

 You  can  follow our infocessoriesblog to see what the latest developments  are.  Our plan includes REBOL distro CD's targeted toward various functions  (i.e.,  internet  communications,  productivity, virtual desktops, computer  customization (aka "programming"), etc.).

1.2. The collection on this CD includes:

  •  REBOL Core and View 1.2, the version that runs on Amiga computers. >
  •  REBOL Core and View 1.2 for 26 other platforms.
  •  REBOL 1.2 Script Library.
  •  REBOL tutorials from various sources.
  •  REBOL images you can use to promote REBOL.
  •  A few other interesting items relating to REBOL and Amiga commonalities.

 For the REBOLution,


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